Your organization has its own unique needs and timetables. Carlson Group works closely with you to meet those unique needs and timetables, and to ensure an open and effective communications process.


Fully understanding your company’s strategy and leadership needs is essential to hiring the right person. Therefore, we collaborate with you to understand how your open position fits into the broader picture, and to identify targeted companies and organizations that will best yield potential candidates. We then conduct our own research into targeted companies and leverage our proprietary database of industry contacts.  


After identifying and vetting potential candidates, Carlson Group presents the most qualified individuals in a user-friendly report that allows for easy comparison. From that report, you select candidates to be more thoroughly interviewed by Carlson Group. After completing our interviews, you receive a comprehensive report that includes our assessment and recommendations. From this summary, you select candidates for internal interviews.


We conduct thorough reference checks on your final candidates. Building on the knowledge we acquire from candidates throughout the search process, we help you create an offer package that will be most attractive to the best candidate. We can also provide negotiation support.


Our new executive must learn about your business and adjust to a new culture, as well as immediately contribute to decisions that impact your bottom line. To help your new hire hit the ground running and maximize your return on investment, Carlson Group offers coaching support during the first months on the job. To learn about this unique service offering, please read “Executive Coaching Meets Executive Search.


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